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Zero Emissions Forklifts Now Here

Zero emissions forklifts are here and XL Lifts is proud to be one of the first to offer them to the industrial sector.  Today, we announced that XL Lifts will distribute the Wiggins Yard eBull, the industry’s first commercialized large capacity, zero emissions forklifts manufactured exclusively in the United States. The full release can be viewed here.

The Wiggins Yard eBull has capacity from 30,000 to 70,000 lbs., which means it can still meet the heavy duty needs of industrial companies and is good for the environment. The new zero emissions forklifts use fast charging lithium ion batteries from Thor Trucks, making them the first high-capacity zero emissions forklifts to run continuous shifts. Thor Trucks was recently selected by UPS to power a portion of its fleet of electric delivery trucks.

The new zero emissions forklifts are available now and will be showcased for the first time at the Breakbulk Americas Conference October 1-4, 2018 in Houston, TX, booth #1349. Port and terminal operations interested in reducing their carbon footprint and learning how to attain grants to significantly reduce the cost of zero emissions forklifts should contact XL Lifts for more information.

Some of the key benefits of the new zero emissions forklifts from Wiggins include:

  • Zero Emissions Forklift: The eBull is designed to meet even the most stringent clean air mandates, such as those required in California.
  • No Significant Downtime: The eBull will leverage advanced quick-charge battery technology for continuous use.
  • Innovative High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery Design:  The battery packs are designed from the ground up by Thor Trucks for commercial vehicle applications. The battery packs are rigorously tested for industrial environments in the areas of reliability, durability, serviceability and safety.
  • Safety: Reverse backup camera, daylight strobes, optional conventional backup alarm and modern white noise generator to alert nearby pedestrians are just a few of the features to keep both operators and pedestrians safe.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Five-year life, non-toxic coolant; and long-life all-weather hydraulic fluid make maintenance a snap. Change the air filters on the battery cooling system once a year.

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Aimee Quemuel is the Vice President of Operations and Marketing for XL Lifts. She has 20+ years running successful public relations marketing campaigns for companies such as Thomson Reuters, the USA TODAY NETWORK and Bloomberg Tax, and now XL Lifts.

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