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Our low-emission forklift equipment

XL Lifts specializes in selling zero and low emissions forklifts and 2WD and 4WD rough terrain forklifts from our headquarters in Ventura, CA. Take a look at the different categories of New Equipment, or contact us directly to discuss consulting, parts and maintenance, or other agricultural equipment you might need. We work with the best and most advanced in electric, dual fuel, and LPG forklifts. We frequently appear In the News for our environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient products.

Heavy-duty forklifts for every budget

At XL Lifts, we want to help our customers find what they need, and that includes not only the right equipment but also the right pricing. From brand-new, top-of-the-line forklifts and accessories to Used Forklift models in excellent condition and at excellent prices, there’s something for everyone.

XL Lifts is also proud to offer financing plans to local businesses, so please contact us to discuss financing based on your equipment needs. If you do business in California, a state with strict regulations regarding emissions and commercial vehicles, you may be eligible for state grant funding to help you upgrade to a cleaner, more fuel-efficient forklift model. Visit the Forklift Grants page for a sample list of grant programs, or contact us for assistance funding your purchase through grants in any state.

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