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5 Reasons to Give Lithium Forklift Batteries a Second Look

Lithium forklift batteries are quickly making inroads with forklift manufacturers and buyers alike. While lead acid batteries have long been the industry standard for electric forklifts, the lithium ion battery is rising in popularity due to the many benefits of these batteries. This does not mean that lead acid batteries are obsolete. Smaller operations with minimum forklift needs are still better off with a lead acid forklift. But if you are a larger operation that requires daily use of forklifts, you may want to consider a next generation lithium battery electric forklift.

5 Benefits Of Lithium Forklift Batteries

  1. Cost-savings. At first glance, lithium forklift batteries are more expensive than lead acid batteries, but that’s only part of the story. Lithium batteries last 2-3 times longer than lead acid Research show that they typically last up to 10 years.  This results in long-term cost savings and lower total lifetime cost. In addition, lithium has minimal maintenance, only requiring servicing at most once a year.
  2. Time-Savings. Lithium batteries not only charge faster than lead acid batteries, they store about 3x as much energy. Forklift operators save time and money through these reduced charging demands as well as less frequent battery change-outs and lead acid maintenance demands like watering, cleaning, and equalizing.
  3. Reliability. Lithium forklift batteries work differently than lead acid batteries. They provide consistent voltage outputs, even as they run down in charge. That means your forklift won’t slow down even as the battery approaches full discharge. Speaking of full discharge, lithium batteries can recharge in about an hour compared to the 8 hours needed to recharge a lead acid battery.
  4. Improved Safety. The hydrogen fumes and acid splash are a major health and safety concern when maintaining lead acid batteries. Since lithium batteries don’t require this same type of maintenance or contain lead or acid, the health and safety hazards associated with forklift batteries are reduced.
  5. Warranty Benefits. Lithium batteries are practically maintenance-free and are covered by much longer warranties than lead acid batteries. Even when a lead acid battery has warranty coverage, the battery must be maintained in strict compliance with the manufacturer specs in order to secure warranty protections.

The speed and productivity of forklifts is vital to efficient materials handling. How much time and money could you save by switching to a lithium forklift? Contact XL Lifts to find out. We specialize in delivering efficient lithium forklift solutions from 3,000 to 70,000 capacity to marinas, industrial ports, agriculture companies and manufacturers worldwide.

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