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While XL Lifts provides commercial clients in all industries with a large selection of forklifts, parts, and services, we truly lead our industry in the area of electric equipment. We believe that electric forklifts and other equipment are the way to go, particularly in states like California, with continually increasing emissions regulations.

From 3,000 to 88,000 pounds in total electric forklift capacity

When you choose an electric forklift, instead of gas or diesel, you’ll be considering the battery type. This decision will largely be influenced by the loads your business needs to move on a regular basis because, with our brand-new World™ Electric Forklift line, the lead acid forklifts are available in 3,000 to 15,000 lb. capacity, while our lithium forklifts can handle heavier loads at anywhere from 3,000 to 25,000 lb. capacity. We also offer both three- and four-wheel models to accommodate your space, products, and budget.

Finally, we handle large capacity needs with an electric forklift by Wiggins able to handle up to 88,000 lbs. Each one is built to your specifications, so get started by requesting more information.

Electric 10,000 to 13,000 Capacity Forklifts


Even though California has some of the strictest emissions regulations on vehicles in the entire country, the state offers plenty of support to business owners who want to pursue cleaner energy options with their equipment and operations. California (and many other states) fund public grants to cover the costs of upgrading commercial equipment powered by gas or diesel to LPG or electric alternatives, so you may qualify for purchasing assistance.

A grant is not a loan and never needs to be repaid. It’s simply government money set aside to help you choose clean energy, like an electric forklift. You can view a list of some of the grant programs in the state of California on the Forklift Grants page, or you can contact us directly if you’re interested in buying electric equipment. Our team can help you locate and apply for appropriate grant funding that can cover some or all the purchase cost.


XL Lifts is proud to make headlines in major publications including OEM Off-Highway, the Material Handling NetworkClimate Change NewsYahoo! Finance, and many more regarding the latest news in electric forklifts. We’ve partnered with Wiggins forklift manufacturers to bring electric forklift power and heavy load capacity to progressive companies such as SSA Marine at the Port of Stockton.

Check out the In the News page to read about our partnerships, and contact us to pre-order an electric forklift and join the cutting edge in our community. Visit the Contact Us to call or send an email to our sales team today.

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