Large Capacity Electric Forklift by Wiggins – up to 88k capacity

Large capacity electric forklifts are here and XL Lifts is proud to be one of the first to offer them to the industrial sector. The Wiggins eBull is the industry’s first commercialized large capacity electric forklift manufactured exclusively in the United States.

The Wiggins Yard eBull has capacity from 30,000 to 88,000 lbs. The new large capacity electric forklift uses fast charging lithium ion batteries making them the first high-capacity zero emissions forklifts to run continuous shifts.


  • Zero Emissions
  • Motion Alerts – visual and audible
  • Radar and Back Up camera
  • Unique Battery Management System for extended service life and safety
  • Unique battery design keeps battery packs safe
  • Vibration and Shock component mounting
  • Significantly lower operating and maintenance costs compared to diesel
  • Bundling with Charge Stations available – Level II or DC Fast Charge
  • SAFE – ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 and UL-583 Conformance