Marina FLX by Wiggins

The Marina FLX is a revolutionary new approach to marina lifts. With its all wheel steering it can maneuver in spaces never before possible. The boat sits inside the lift’s body so your aisles just got much narrower. Narrow aisles means more boats and more boats means more customers. This revolutionary lift will change the way you think about your marina. You can see it in action in this video from The Boathouse Marina, located in Perth, Australia.



  • 4-Wheel Steering: Sometimes known as “coordinated steering” or “radius steering,” the front and rear tires can turn at the same angle but in opposite directions. This allows for sharp turns around tight corners without clipping your racks.
  • Side Step Turns: With all four wheels able to turn 90 degrees, the operator can move the FLX sideways down an aisle with little effort. Traditional lifts would require several back-and-forth turns just to re-orient the lift to move down an aisle. Why change the direction of the lift when you can merely change the direction of the tires?
  • Crab Steering: Racking a boat requires precision. It is not uncommon for an operator to turn too soon or too late. Now, when minor adjustments are needed, corrections can be made without backing out and repeating turns that waste time.
  • Pivot Turn: The Marina FLX allows the operator to line up the wheels alongside a rack and execute a sharp pivot turn where the inside tires remains stationary and the boat slips easily into its storage bay for quick placement.

Technical Features

    • Traversing Mast: With the machine lined up at a rack and stationary, the operator can move the mast and forks into the racks without moving the truck for storage or retrieval. A simple multi-function joystick provides full control and smooth feathering for conventional mast functions of lift, tilt, fork position, and side shift.
    • Load Spreading: All forklifts experience higher ground loads when a payload is on its forks. On the Marina FLX, as the mast moves forward, the ground drive is stopped and load spreading rams are automatically deployed to handle those higher ground loads. This means that dual front tires are not needed to handle even the heaviest boats.
    • Residential Sound Package:  Reduce noise with state-of-the-art sound absorption and noise dampening, making the Marina Bull® LoPRO™ the quietest available marina lift.
    • 4-Wheel Drive: The ground drive is powered by two hydrostatic pumps and four hydrostatic motors. Internally compensated, the motors provide higher torque when climbing a grade and greater speeds on level ground.
    • Suspension: A simple passive suspension system at the front enables the machine to float over imperfect surfaces. Moving the mast and console forward to a midship position allows the quickest ground speeds and most evenly matched tire loading for rapid travel from seawall to building and back again with maximum tire life.

Safety Features

  • Interlocks: Interlocks assure confident operation, with automatic sequencing of the lift cylinders at the seawall and racks and built-in lockout zones within the machine.
  • StabiLift™ Wiggins patented StabiLift™ system weighs the boat and measures its combined load and load center, ensuring the safe lifting of boats within the machine’s considerable capacity range.
  • Residential Sound Package:  Reduce noise with state-of-the-art sound absorption and noise dampening, making the Marina Bull® LoPRO™ the quietest available marina lift.
  • Rotating Cab: The operator can rotate the cab 180 degrees from facing forward to facing backward for visibility on longer drives and to avoid reversing. The cab can also be raised three meters for extended visibility during boat storage and retrieval.
  • Cameras: The better you can see the safer you can be. That’s why we have strategically placed cameras that provide the operator confidence in tight spaces.