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XL Lifts is your one-stop source for big equipment, parts and maintenance software solutions.  An authorized dealer for Wiggins Lift, ASCOM and MYMIC mobile apps, XL Lifts was founded by Mike Marzahl, the former Director of Sales at Wiggins Lift Company, where he worked for 16 years. Leveraging his extensive expertise, Mike provides his customers with the personalized attention and industry know-how required to purchase and maintain big equipment. Mike goes above and beyond helping customers meet their equipment and forklift needs, and is always there to help.

Mike Marzahl


    The Wiggins Company Story

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    Wiggins Lift Company designs and produces some of the world’s most unusual material handling equipment for operation in some of the world’s most challenging conditions. Wiggins Lift is the world leader in boat-handling for dry-stack marina storage. The company produces material handling machines for military applications, designed for full operation in heavy seas on board the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship. Other machines provide unique solutions for mining organizations, construction and material-handling applications, and agricultural enterprises. Wiggins customers include government agencies, such as the Atomic Energy of Canada and the USA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The company also manufactures and repairs hydraulic cylinders for a wide variety of applications, such as for the massive lighting towers for outdoor entertainment.

    Led by CEO Michele Wiggins-McDowell (the founder’s granddaughter), the company has a strong reputation for robust and exceptional machines. The craftsmen and designers (some who have been with company over 25 years) use the latest computer-assisted engineering, manufacturing, and planning tools to produce machines tailored to the needs of each customer, at price points that challenge standard assembly line units. Some of these solutions have led to breakthrough technologies, such as uniquely modified steer axles and Wiggins’ patented Stability Control™ and Stable Lift™ technologies.


    MYMIC is a high-technology company specializing in equipment inspection mobile apps, game-based learning, simulation, modeling and computer visualization solutions.  Combining practical expertise with the knowledge gained from research and experimentation, the company delivers innovative and practical solutions that customers can rapidly implement.